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(AUT-103) Wedokodadowiin - Let’s work together!

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Information spécifique

Wedokodadowiin is a training session about the intervention with Indigenous clients in the  health and social services sector.

These practices could be transferable to other areas of work. Please contact us for further information.


General :

Increase access to provincial health services and social services that are adapted to the cultural realities of Indigenous people through the promotion of cultural competency and cultural safety.

Specific :

Introduce the health services and social services providers to the vast knowledge related to the Indigenous milieu with regard to their fields of practice and to the realities faced by the Indigenous people.

Inform participants about the proper attitudes (Learn to be) when intervening with Indigenous people in the area of health services and social services. 

Equip the health services and social services providers with useful skills (Learn to do) for quality intervention with Indigenous people. 

Increase the participants comfort and sense of competency when intervening with Indigenous people.

Thanks to these objectives, increase the sense of cultural safety Indigenous people should feel when receiving health services or social services.%

Clientèle visée

  • All health and social services professionals, nurses, social workers, executives, educators, police officers, technicians, professionals and executives in the Education Sector and more…
  • Préalables



    -          Reluctance regarding mainstream services

    -          What disrupted Indigenous overall health

    -          Today’s realities and challenges

    -          Existing initiatives and actions

    -          Conventional western vision and traditional indigenous vision of health

    -          Cultural safety and cultural competency

    -          Services offered to Indigenous people

    -          Preferred attitudes and skills

    -          Suggestions and recommendations


    Gaudaur, Nadine

    Nadine is Algonquin from Timiskaming First Nation located at the headwaters of the Ottawa river. She has worked passionately for the past 20 years on improving her community and supporting and sharing her culture with Indigenous youth. Nadine spent many years working in Land Claims research and negotiation for Algonquin Nation Tribal Council. She assisted in the advancement of 40 individual Land Claims. Nadine has a passion for education as a vehicle for reconciliation. As Indigenous Student Advisor for District School Board Ontario Northeast, for the last 9 years, Nadine worked directly with youth supporting and guiding them through their school career. She has been immersed in her traditional culture guiding her students in planning and sharing events with Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Also a trainer for UQAT’s continuing education since 2011, Nadine is proud to share her culture and experience through various trainings.


  • 0,70 UEC (Unité d'éducation continue)
  • Durée du cours

    7 hrs (1 jours)


  • Régulier : 350,00 $ plus taxes
  • Mise à jour : 29 mars 2020