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Formation Continue

(AUT-101) Piwaseha - Aboriginal cultural and realities

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  - Acquire a better understanding of the past and of the present realities to better serve First Nation 
  - Be able to demonstrate open and accepting behaviour in regards to cultural différences;
  - Become aware of the different obstacles that hinder communications and relations with the First
  - Recognize the impact of negative perceptions on the self-esteem of Native peoples;
  - Become aware of personal cultural values and consider the Native identity in regards to intercultural
  - Be able to compare your personal culture and Native culture.


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      - Knowledge Test;
      - History and information (Indian Act, policy of assimilation, the basis of this policy, Native residential schools,
         Aboriginal people in Québec, Native terminology, etc);
       - Screening of a documentary film;
      - Personal and professional awareness, and situation scenarios;
      - Information : How do I establish a Relationship and create trust? What do I do? How should I act?


    Nadine Gaudaur


  • 0,70 UEC (Unité d'éducation continue)
  • Durée du cours

    7 hrs (1 jours)
    Mise à jour : 18 juillet 2018